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Steamy stories on a hot night

For the last month or so the two most read books on the Worldreader Book App have been two steamy romances: A Heart to Mend and a Love Rekindled. If you’ve read either you might have noticed both are set in Nigeria, the first in the vibrant city of Lagos, the second in Abuja. They’re also both written by the same author - Myne Whitman.

So who is Myne Whitman? It turns out Myne Whitman is a pen name. Her real name is Nkem Akinsoto and she was born in Enugu, Nigeria. She now lives in Seattle, Washington in the United States and works full time as a romance writer and blogger. She also seems like someone who is genuinely in love with love - if you go to her website you’ll find an entry called “The Secret Love Letter” in which she talks about finding her first love when she was just 8 years old!

A big hand to Myne for penning stories our readers are so passionate about reading. If you’re interested, A Heart to Mend is a story about self discovery and unconditional love and a Love Rekindled is about the rekindling of an old romance 7 years after its heart breaking destruction.